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Want Something?  Focus.  And it Shall Be.

Stop Waiting: Every Day is a Special Occasion

Habit Development Advice for Real Humans

How to Gain Control of Your Monkey Mind

Celebrate Yourself?

No More Shoulds – Live a Life of Wants!

Reflection Before Action

Every Day is a Disco Song

Going Beyond Relaxation

Try Turning Numbness to Mindfulness

Don’t Fall Off Your Wagon

The Wisdom of Pooh

Why Can’t Easy be Easy?

Put Me to Sleep!

How Do You Spend Your Fridays?

Who Makes the Decisions in Your Life?

Vitamins: Yes, You DO Need Them

Your Stomach – The Key to Your Brain Power!

Make 2016 The Best Year Yet!

Add Some Life to Your New Year

The Practical Guide to Performing Miracles

What Tom Brady Teaches Us About Nutrition

Fun With Your Fascia!

Mindset Over Matter

Try a September Life Cleanse!

Another Way to Look at Friday

Feeling Good Friday has a new name + my new book!

Let Go of Control

You Are Not That Important

I need more time …

Starting The Countdown …


Increase Your Energy

Getting your SHAZAM on!

Personal Objectives Planning Activity…

I’m getting an early start this year….

Reading Your Food Labels

Green Smoothies?!

Top Ten List of Healthy Things To Do This Summer

It’s June…What Have You Done?

Please, take a day off!

Thanks for the feedback.

Watch where you’re going!

Go for the Glow…

Just one of those days…..

Are Vitamin Supplements Good For Me?

Just Do It!

Kids are Cheap Labor!

Books I Remembered I LOVE!

To Cleanse or Not To Cleanse – That is The Question…

Spring is the New ‘New’

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